Torikai hachimangu




What comes in your mind
when you hear Shinto?

There are wide range of interpretations of it,
but Shinto accepts all of you regardless of your nationality or religion.
Torikai Hachimangu, located in Imagawa, in the center of Kyushu area’s hub city Fukuoka,
is a unique shrine with its 1800 years long history.
Nagamasa Kuroda Lord transferred Torikai Hachimangu’s land to where it is now
when he built his second residence in the west side of Fukuoka castle in 1608.

In Shinto the deities exist everywhere, so they also exist within the 1000 years old palm tree
which is a symbol as a longevity of this shrine, and the sacred gate as well.
Exploring the shrine will be your whole new experience.
Don’t be nervous about manners and rules.
We hope you will have fun through discovering Shinto shrines.

Now it’s been on the project called Sengu, which means the temporary transferring of the deities,
and the construction of new sanctuary will be finished by the end of December 2022.



Manners of worship

How to purify

What to do when you visit a Shinto shrine? It is a sacred place for praying, you must do a purification ritual before playing to Deities. Follow the manners and enjoy the whole experience.

  • At the Temizusya, the purification font

    1. Take one of the ladles with your right hand, and pour some water over your left hand.
    2. Then repeat the process with your left hand.
    3. Taking the ladle with your right hand again, pour some water into your left cupped hand and rinse your mouth. (Do not pour water directly from the ladle into your mouth.)
    4. Pour some water over your left hand again.
  • At the Temizusya, the purification font
  • Aat Utsushi-no-miya, the current main sanctuary

    1. Make a bow.
    2. Make an offering with coins to the deity and shake a rope to ring the bell.
    3. Bow twice deeply.
    4. Clap twice and offer your prayer.
    5. Make a bow.
  • Aat Utsushi-no-miya, the current main sanctuary


After offering a prayer, visitors can get amulets for further blessing. Omamori, Ofuda, Ema, Mikuji, Goshuin are available at the office.

  • Omamori


    800 yen

    A talisman for good luck.

  • Ofuda


    1,000 yen

    An amulet from Ise Jingu and is blessed to bring safety and happiness to the household.

  • Omikuji


    100 yen

    Fortune slips. You can read your fortune with the words on it.

  • Ema


    700 yen

    Ema plaque for making a wish. Write down your wish on it and you leave it in shrine to dedicate it to the deity.

  • Goshuin


    500 yen

    Red stamps hand-written by the priests. It proves that you’ve visited the shirine.


Torikai hachimang

2-1-17 Imagawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Zip Code: 810-0054
Office Hours
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Open all-year-round
Phone Number

Public Transportations

Fukuoka City Subway

Fukuoka City Subway

Hakata station → Toujinmachi station (10 minutes)

Fukuoka Airport station → Toujinmachi station (15 minutes)

→ 6 minutes walk from Exit #5 of Tojinmachi Station

*Nishitetsu Bus is also available in Fukuoka city.

Explore all neighborhoods

  • ・Fukuoka City Museum (15 minutes)
  • ・Ohori park (10 minutes)
  • ・Fukuoka Tower (20 minutes)
  • ・FUKUOKA PayPay Dome (15 minutes)

(*By walk from Torikai hachimangu.)



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